Familial Harmony

Familial Harmony

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 56
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 35/- Courier charges extra.

As the members of the civilized society, everyone has to live in a symbiotic manner and not in a selfish manner. This calls for the sacrifices and adjustments.

In the present book, Hon. Swami Vijnananand has presented the guidelines for the happy family through the media of stories and real life incidences. The topics are as follows:-

1. How to avoid disputes?

2. First tale of remedy:- Science

3. Second tale of remedy:- Tossing a Coin

4. Third tale of remedy:- A Day for Confession

5. Fourth tale of remedy:- Rotating Leadership

6. Fifth tale of remedy:- Symbolic Punishment

7. Sixth tale of remedy:- Collective Prayer or Resolution

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