Mind Power

Mind Power

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 194
Donation Contribution:- Rs.165/- Courier charges extra.

This book is especially meant for biologists, psychologists, doctors, philosophers, though even layman can avail its benefits.

A novel concept of “Organizing Mind & Cell-Minds” has been put forth by the author. Some of the central points in this concept are:-

Mind i.e. non-matter, is independent of matter.

1.Every individual has an ‘organizing mind’.

2. Every ‘cell’ in our body has ‘mind’.

3. At birth, a ‘paradoxical’ living together of organizing mind & cell-minds commences.

4. Organizing mind makes use of cell-minds for its own selfish purpose.

5. Upto a limit, the cell-minds tolerate; thereafter they rebel! How?

6. Ways to persuade the cell, to overcome dis-eases.

7. “Turn within” : Entropy (2nd law of thermodynamics) etc.

Briefly, this book will help to stimulate your life-potential, lessen tensions, overcome dis-eases, scale creative heights, enjoy family life, decipher death, gain energy from dear one’s, departed, master new secrets etc.

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