Super Procreation

Super Procreation

Super Procreation
Author:- Gajanan Kelkar, M.Tech.
Language:- English (Available in Marathi also; see below)
Pages:- 144
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 190/- Courier charges extra

Introduction:- Dr.H.V.Sardesai

This is a unique book explaining the science and spiritualism involved in creation of a virtuous offspring.

Supraja means a cultured, multi-talented, multi-faceted generation. Such a generation uplifts the family, society, nation and mankind, along with personal progress. To procreate it, exactly when and how should husband-wife both commence preparations? How to successfully overcome various obstacles - especially STRESS - in the way of procreation? How to procreate a generation - ideal to the whole humanity? These and such other questions are answered in-depth, and remedies too are suggested, in this novel book.


1. The Super Procreation Concept

2. The Procreation Process

3. Obstacles in Procreation

4. Super Procreation: Scientific Perspective

5. Tradition of Super Procreation

6. Measures for Super Procreation

A book beneficial to newly-wed, expectant and couples with fertility problems.

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