Bal-Sanskar Kit

Bal-Sanskar Kit

Bal-Sanskar Kit
Language:- English
Contents:- See below
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 90/-
Courier charges extra

This set is specially designed for children of age-group 8 to 14 years.

The kit contains stories of great, legendary characters. Reading them would definitely boost the confidence of children to do good deeds for better living and better surroundings. Through the stories, parents have an opportunity to shape the mind of their young ones.

The regular study of Geeta, along with discussions amongst children, as a collective effort will be a proper way to inculcate good values in the children.

The kit also includes ‘Pyro-brain’ viz a novel technique for the whole brain development of the children.


1. Impact

2. Geeta For Teenagers

3. Interesting Legends

4. Pyro-brain

Donation contribution:- Rs. 90.00. Courier charges extra.

(The kit is available at discounted rate at the main Lonavla centre.)

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