Breathe Well (Audio CD)- English, Hindi, Marathi (all-in-one)

 Breathe Well (Audio CD) - English, Hindi, Marathi

Breathe Well (Audio CD)
Content:-One CD with Booklet (in 3 languages viz. English, Hindi, Marathi)
Donation Contribution:- Rs.160/-. Courier charges extra

The Breathe Well Audio CD is designed to help you breath correctly and efficiently.

A Scientific Technique to Reduce
1. High Blood Pressure
2. Mental Stress
3. Anxiety & Worries

Scientific evidence has shown that correct breathing excercises when performed routinely can lower blood pressure by about 10 to 15%.

The CD guides you to relax and progressively reduce your breath rate to a specific level, called as “Effective Breathing”.

The CD also contains Relaxation Music for all. Based on bineural beats, it enhances a specific brain wave pattern leading to profound relaxation!

Machine Tests &
Psycho-Feedback Therapy

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