Manashakti Documentary (DVD)- English, Hindi, Marathi (all-in-one)

Manashakti - The New Way : Key to Contended Life

Manashakti Documentary (DVD)
Language:- English, Hindi, Marathi
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 55/- Courier charges extra

This DVD contains a documentary film on the nature and activities of Manashakti Research Centre, founded by the FIRST THINKER, EXPERIMENTER Hon. Swami Vijnananand. The topics include-
1. Electronic and computerized Machine Tests
2. Rational Study courses
3. Seminars
4. Workshops
5. Poojas
6. Literature in 4 Languages
7. Monthly Magazine
8. Sub-centers and Local Centres
9. Free of cost activities organized for all strata of the society
10. Various social activities
11. Adivasi Swavlamban Project
12. Jnan Prakash Yatra
13. Kritajnata Smaran Din
14. A Super Social Family of Manashakti seekers

Machine Tests &
Psycho-Feedback Therapy

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