Prenatal Education Kit

Prenatal Education Kit

Prenatal Education Kit
Language:- English
Contents:- See below
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 990/-
Courier charges extra.

Based on ancient Vedic knowledge and modern scientific concepts of prenatal education - stimulation (Garbh Sanskar), Manashakti has been conducting a “Prenatal Project” for thousands of pregnant couples for past 50 years. The characteristic ‘Prenatal Education Kit’ is a latest feature of this project. Its a complete pregnancy guide for couples in all months of pregnancy.


(1) A “New Way” to Prenatal Education (Study Book)

(2) The Emotional World of the Fetus (Study Book)

(3) Prenatal Record-Book (Part 1 & 2)

(4) Garbha Sangeet (Audio CD)- Hindi

(5) Yoga Exercises during Pregnancy (Video CD)

(6) Save Your Child From Yourself (Book)

(7) Miracles Of Benevolence (Book)

(8) Interesting Legends (Story Book)

(9) Impact (Story Book)

(10) Prayer (Booklet)

Make the amazing journey of your baby into this beautiful world a comfortable, natural and joyful one, with this kit!

Donation contribution: Rs.990.00 Courier charges extra.
The kit is available at discounted rate at the main Lonavla centre.

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