SEEKERS of Manashakti

‘Planned Sacrifice’ is suggested in all the remedies of Manashakti. It means, doing some kind of selfless work for the society, every day. Many people resolve to sacrifice - either in terms of time or money - after they get convinced about the science behind it. An individual contributing 'one hour a day for society' as per Manashakti's guidelines, is called a SEEKER of Manashakti. While serving, the seeker doesn't have a feeling of ego or obliging somebody. Rather, he humbly believes that 'at the instance of society, I am purifying myself’. Hence this service is called Shramanand or Dhananand. There are about 7-8000 SEEKERS of Manashakti. All seekers are members of Manashakti's Super Social Family. There are following activities for seekers.

Machine Tests &
Psycho-Feedback Therapy

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