Dev-darshananubhav (Concept of God)

Can we actually see God? Is it easy to see God with our eyes? What is His form – energy or idol? Does He create us or we have created Him? How can we see Him from the logical point of view?

This course describes these aspects in detail based on the tenets of logic. We take vows, observe fasting days. We can augment this with a logical perspective and experience the God through definition and with our faith.

The concept of God discussed in this course can prove helpful to increase the strength of our mind.

Duration : 3 days

Language : Marathi

Venue : Lonavla

Donation contribution: Rs.1150/- per person.



Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Dev-darshananubhav (Concept of God) - 10/03/17 Lonavla 10/03/2017 - 12/03/2017 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart

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