Brain Symbol

Brain Symbol

Brain Symbol
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These "Brain Symbols" are to be used by individuals, above the age of 21 years.

There are - in all - twelve Brain Symbol Cards, to be used from January to December. Each card has a 2-D brain picture and also a specific colour. The Motor Area which consists of highly specialized Pyramidal Cells, is highlighted on it. One has to concentrate - daily one minute - on this particular motor area, everyday, just before going to sleep at night, as also, immediately after waking up in the morning. The colour of the card and the motor area, is given, as per the seasons in the year.

With consistent practice, this experiment helps for

1. Stress Management

2. Fulfilling Ambitions

3. Increasing Brain Power

4. Increasing Confidence

5. Good for Parents while using Brain-touch Method for child 's welfare

6. To overcome difficulties

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