Snake and Ladder of Success

Snake and Ladder of Success

Snake and Ladder of Success
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"Snake & Ladder" is the game liked by one and all. Snake-bite brings you down, while ladder takes you up. But this game can be a guiding friend too and hence Manashakti has launched this innovative ""Snake & Ladder of Success" game!

The origin of this game traces back to the era of Saint Jnaneshwar. 'Moksha-pat' (_moj-nQ>) is the original name of 'Snake & Ladder'. Moksha means 'Liberation'. Ladder means 'virtues' or 'noble work' while snake means 'vices' or 'bad deeds'. In those days, the Master (Guru) used the game of "Moksha-pat' to impart good values to their disciples.

The 'Snack & Ladder' game can be used in an excellent way to impart knowledge about the difference between good and bad deeds, to teach them the code of conduct, to improve emotional intelligence and also about virtues and vices, to the children.

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