Buddhivardhan Yog

Buddhivardhan Yog

Buddhivardhan Yog (1 Jar with 90 packets) (in India only)
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Donation Contribution:- Rs. 260/-
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Brain tonic ‘Buddhivardhan Yoga’ is mainly suggested to students. While processing this tonic, Navkar and Gayatri Mantra wave-lengths are added in a specific way.

“Buddhivardhan Yoga” is largely prepared from the plant ‘Vekhanda’ [Orris-root]. The blood in our body, completes 1 cycle in approximately 90 days. Hence, a single course of 90 days - 1 small packet of Buddhivardhan Yoga to be taken, per day; for 90 days - is prescribed to the student, by the experts [in the Research Centre].

If the student has maths, science & english as the difficult subject, the Buddhivardhan Yoga is to be taken alongwith Zeal. If the subject belongs to arts faculty (for eg. M.A., Law, etc.), the Buddhivardhan Yoga is to be taken alongwith Shatavari.

Vekhanda [Orris-root]
Shankh-pushpi [special kind of grass]
Gulwel Satva [Menispermum glabrum]
Brahmi [a medicinal plant]

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