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Mainly prepared from ‘Neem’ plant, this is a multi-use, wonder powder! With its bitter taste, Tri-Shakti assures sweet results, beyond words!! The uses of Tri-shakti are as follows:-

a] Tooth Powder:- It is extremely effective as a tooth-powder. Though bitter in taste, it yields exceptionally good results! Meant for children & elders, it has high purifying-capacity.

b] Hair Tonic:- Boiled in coconut oil, ‘Trishakti’ is an execellent hair tonic and skin protector. If the child is timid, add 250 mgs. of Vekhand-churna while preparing the above hair tonic. If the child’s mind reflects anger, add 125 mg. of Vekhand-churna.

c] Tri-shakti also helps to lessen several problems of stomach. Under the doctor’s advice, take a tea-spoon of Tri-shakti everyday before going to sleep at night.

Tri-shakti:- 1 pack (80 grams).
Currently available in India only.

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