Medha-Janan Sanskar

This ritual is conducted for the children aged between three to six years.

Such efforts are required to make children intelligent. These children display ego, industriousness, possessiveness and the ability to follow orders.

The parents are recommended with suggestions to help their children focus their energies in constructive pursuits in the Medha Sanskar. The parents are instructed with the right method of giving blessings.

Donation contribution : Rs.940/- (per child, including tea & lunch)

Along with the child, 5 persons can participate with pre-enrollment. The lunch charges are Rs.150/- per person. It is be paid on the spot at the center.


Medha-Janan Sanskar - 26/04/18 Lonavla 26/04/2018 Open Office: 02114 - 234379, 234380 Add to Cart
Medha-Janan Sanskar - 20/05/18 Kharghar 20/05/2018 Open Office - 9969938851, Mr- Pulekar- 8879450161 Add to Cart

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