Vastu Shaman Pooja

It is important to conduct this Pooja every three months after the house warming ceremony i.e. Vastu-shant. The atmosphere in the house gets contaminated because of the thoughts of selfishness and jealousy. We need to conduct Vastu Shaman at home or at pious public places for purification. It is important to bring the dust and water from the house and office for the Pooja.

Donation contribution : Rs. 735/- (includes tea & lunch for 1 Poojak).

The tea & lunch charges for pre-enrolled additional person is Rs. 100/- per head. It is be paid on the spot at the centre.


Vastu Shaman Pooja - 20/06/18 Lonavla 20/06/2018 Open Office: 02114 - 234379, 234380 Add to Cart
वास्तुशामन पूजा
वास्तुशामन पूजा
वास्तुशामन पूजा
वास्तुशामन पूजा

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