Yajna Pooja

It is important to have the scientific solutions for the healthy, peaceful, successful and satisfied life. The Yajna Pooja is put forth in a different manner to cater to the changing need of time, while keeping the basic principles the same. It also has the description about the scientific and practical background of this Pooja. These are some of the highlights of Yajna Pooja:

  1. The enhancement of power and health on a microscopic level through Havana (sacrifice)
  2. Special Havana for fulfilling our own desires
  3. Fulfilling any of wishes by concentrating on the source of light
  4. Freeing the material property from the curses through the sacrifice for the truthful cause
  5. Setting up the path for the benefit of the universe, starting from the benefit of the individual
  6. Donation contribution : Rs.735/- (including tea & lunch for 1 Poojak with 1 person).

    The tea & lunch charges for pre-enrolled additional person is Rs. 50/- per person. It is be paid on the spot at the centre.


Yajna Pooja - 10/06/18 Kharghar 10/06/2018 Open Office - 9969938851, Mr- Pulekar- 8879450161 Add to Cart

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