Prenatal Education
APPPAH [Association for Pre-natal & Peri-natal Psychology & Health], an international institute from America, has organized this conference...
Effect Of Prayer on Fetus
The purpose of this study was to assess the effect of “good, rational thoughts” (called “prayer”) on the fetus and the mother during the 3rd...
Psycho-Feedback Therapy
The Founder of "Manashakti" Research Centre Swami Vijnananand, put forth a unique concept called - Hospital For Peace Of Mind Normally,...
Abhyas Yash Sangeet
More than eighty percent students complain that, “No sooner than we sit to study, our mind starts wandering; several thoughts crowd our mind; we are...
‘Bio-Thermal Currents’ is a bio-neurological concept. ‘Bio’ means ‘organism’ & ‘thermal’ means ‘heat’. Overall it means, there are heat-currents...
Education through Sleep
This method recommends the use of EEG [Electro Encephalo Graph], to identify & ascertain the most peaceful state of brain, i.e. the “reverie...
Plant Experiments
Effect of Gayatri Mantra, Classical Music and Pyramid on Plants, Seeds and Crop-Yield
Concentration Techniques
This method is particularly useful for women, though males too can practise it. The method helps to avoid the ills of unstable, oscillating between...
This method is particularly useful for frank; cruel, but touchy in affection minds.

Machine Tests &
Psycho-Feedback Therapy

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