16 Methods for Peace of Mind

16 Methods for Peace of Mind

16 Methods for PEACE OF MIND
Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 62
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16 methods are given for pacifying the mind. Every individual is unique; hence, even 16 lakh methods will not suffice. However to make it simple in practice, we have to make a rough classification. It is as follows-

A.STEADY MEDIUM (Based on Medium Wave Method)

1. Stable Balance: For Traders, Businessmen (Ambitious, troubled, unhappy and unstable)

2. Steady Midpoint: For Women (Unstable and oscillating mind, neat life)

3. End of Motion: For Everyone (Unsteady, troubled, skeptical)

4. Conscious Breathing: For Atheists (Harsh, fearless and sensitive)

5. ‘Eye’logue: For Wrongdoers (Repenting, perfection seekers, perturbed)

6. Penance-like Steadiness: For Religious (Lazy, unhappy, sympathy-seeking and faith-keeping)

B.IMAGINATION (Based on Long Wave Method)

7. Dissolving the Body: For Politicians (Worried, hasty, enthusiastic, impressive and opportunistic)

8. Inertia: For Officers, Authoritarians (Arrogant, stiff, firm and clear)

9. Deep Sleep or Natural Death: For Industrialists (Hard-working, enthusiastic and generous)

10. Switching Off: For Military/Security officers (The painstaking, firm, restrained and courageous)

11. I am in Everything; Everything in Me: For Literary, Creative (Fickle-minded, lacking discipline)

C.FEAR OF PAIN (Based on Short Wave Method)

12. Siege of Sharp Weapons: For Artists, Actors (The actively creative, poetic, critics)

13. Emotions Causing Painful Disease: For Wealthy, Rich Heirs (Afraid, weak and undetermined)

14. Infernal Pains (For Believers): For Introverts (Stubborn, insistent and resolute)

15. Self-Punishment: For Sportsmen (Penance likers)


16. Restrain over Love for Motion: For All


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