Geeta In Terms Of Latest In Science

Geeta In Terms Of Latest In Science

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 149
Donation Contribution:- Rs.110/- Courier charges extra.

This book is meant for “Geeta” lovers, scientists, philosophers and layman too.

The topics dealt in this treatise are:-

1. Contradictions in Geeta and its rational

2. Arjun, the rebel

3. What is mind?

4. Law of action - scientific basis

5. Six steps, Geeta suggests

6. New Way rationale in Geeta

7. Not pain-acceptance; supra-pleasure

8. Mahavir, Buddha, Krishna: words & deeds

When the first atomic bomb exploded, the scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer recited a “Geeta” couplet! Why?... Had the scientist known yet deeper meaning of Lord Krishna’s indoctrination, the first explosion could not have come into being; or the first one would have no successor!

“Geeta”[the Hindu religious book] has not only incorporated - in essence - Newton’s laws of
motions, but also major post-Einsteinian concepts. Dealing with diseases, adversities & peace of mind, “Geeta” [& Mahabharat] suggests ‘prayer’, in terms of present-day biology. In other words, “Geeta” breathes scientific & rational tenets useful to lead a successful, tension-free & peaceful life in today’s insecure, competitive life. An easy to understand proposition & clues for commoners. For it, peep into the supra-pleasure meaning of this treatise!


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