Know Your Death

Know Your Death

Author:- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 182
Donation Contribution:- Rs.165/- Courier charges extra.

This book is meant for layman, doctors, scientists, philosophers and the curious-minded about life-after-death. It comprises of mainly 10 parts:-

Part 1 to 4 proves ‘mind’ i.e. non-matter, in terms of physics, mathematics & logic.

Part 5 provides important references about ‘mind’ & its co-related concepts.

Part 6 deals with pain after death, wherein the rich suffer more.

Part 7, 8, 9 explains the process of rebirth, individual’s choice of birth/death, plant experiments for post-death contact & several remedies.

Part 10 has ‘questions & answers’.

As we age, the fear of death sets in. But do we really die at death? - No, asserts science! Accordingly, the capacity to strike 3,15,36,00,000 pulse-beats or a turn-over of 6,57,00,000 calories of energy, survives death! What happens to it? Is rebirth possible? Do we choose our birth & death? Is there pain/pleasure after death? Do the rich suffer more, post-death? What is the true meaning of ‘Shraadha’(a ritual towards departed ones’)? How to communicate with the departed ones through ‘plant experiment’? etc. and many more questions find rational answers in this unique treatise.


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