Buddhi-Vardhan & Bal-Samasya (Basic)

Buddhi-Vardhan mean development of intelligence.

The research has now established that even the bright students unknowingly feel stressed by the burden of studies. In that case, we need to take care of other students. The care need not be restricted only to the studies but in all other areas. Buddhi- Vardhan Camp covers the following areas:
1. How to remain healthy?
2. Various efforts to be taken for all-round development

3. The scientific methods to achieve scholastic success without being stressed out
4. Simple tricks to enhance the concentration power
5. How to manage energy to achieve a superior goal in life?
6. How to inculcate leadership, courage, gratitude, and patriotism in one’s life?
7. Development of creative abilities through games, songs and drawing
8. Self-discipline through self-reliance

(Duration : 3 days; Language : Marathi; Venue : Lonavla)

(IMP : It is mandatory for either of the parents to accompany the child.)

Bal-Samasya (Problems of Children)

This course is conducted simultaneously with Buddhi Vardhan. It is for the parents who have the kids belonging to the age group 8-14 years. Participation of parents along with that of children is highly beneficial to parents.

This is the second phase of developing the physical, psychological and emotional capabilities of the children. The changes in behaviour pattern are also observed in this phase. From one perspective, these children feel burdened by the expectations of their parents. On the other side, they need to survive in the competition. On the third front, they need to get adjusted with the surroundings. This course offers guidance regarding the ways to understand the blooming buds, the method to bring equilibrium among their scholastic progress, behaviour and health and the scientific and psychological remedies for various problems coming along the way.

Duration: 3 days
Language: Marathi

Venue: Lonavla

Donation contribution: Rs. 935/- per child + Rs. 1350/- per parent. = Rs.2285/- (for 1child & 1 parent).

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We have attended your program on Child Development & Welfare on 23rd to 25th Dec. 2012. I was very much excited by attending that program. We are really not giving fare treatment to our children. Because of competition in our society, we force our children to run in the race. So I request you to show such a program on Child Development on Television. So crores of parents will know how to treat their children. All parents will not attend your program at Lonavla. This is my most humble request to show your many programs on Television.

Vasant J. Nakti, Mazgaon, Mumbai

"I have attended the study course of Budhhivardhan/Balsamasya of your kendra, scheduled on 23rd to 25th December 2011. I got marvelous experience of said course. I have been impressed much & decided to be part of the kendra & to serve nation by the way that Swamiji has taught.... Also I'm willing to start sanskar-varg for kids, to know them the technics that Swamiji has taught. Thanks!"

Keshav Jadhav, Malad (Mumbai)

"I am a 14 year old girl.I went to Manashakti for 3 days.To do 'BUDDHI-VARDHAN' and I loved it so much that now I respect my parents do prarthana don't sit on facebook and keep control on my anger.Thanks to Manashakti.I am also going to come on April-21-2012 to learn more things of Manashakti."

AKSHATA MALUSARE, Kharghar (New Mumbai)
बुद्धिवर्धन - बालसमस्या
बुद्धिवर्धन - बालसमस्या
बुद्धिवर्धन - बालसमस्या
बुद्धिवर्धन - बालसमस्या

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