Pariksha Dhairya Varg (Courage in Examination)

This is the course specially designed for students from 9th up to 12th standard.

Even the bright students feel stressed by the burden of studies which is also the case for other students. It is important for the parents and pupils to take some care based on the science of brain. At this juncture this course provides clues about the ways to remain confident. It includes the following –

1. Stroboscope common resonance test arranged by the engineers
2. Homeopathic drugs prescribed by the doctors
3. Simple methods of studying
4. Lunch and Tea for a pupil and either of the parent

Duration: 1 Day
Language: Marathi
Venue: Lonavla
Donation Contribution: Rs.735/- [1 teenager & 1 parent (manadatory)].
(NOTE: The donation contribution is going to change from January 2019.)
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Pariksha Dhairya Varg (Courage in Examination) - 07/07/19 Lonavla 07/07/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart

"Hi, Ive attended 'Pariksha Dhairya' course on 1st July 12. Now I am followng all the steps and I am felling better than before now I am able to concentrate in my studies,
Thank u all for teaching us all this........."

Adi Kadu, Wadla, MUMBAI
परीक्षा धैर्यवर्ग
परीक्षा धैर्यवर्ग
परीक्षा धैर्यवर्ग
परीक्षा धैर्यवर्ग

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