Redemption from Disease (English Course)

It is our observation and experience that disease gets penetrated some time in human life. Once noticed, we get panicked. We runs from pillar to post for it’s cure. Visits doctor for medicine. Follows various pathies suggested to us with absolute blind faith. Try various means for redemption from disease. Thereafter we blame and held external factors like “germs” responsible for such situation.

However, who is responsible for such ailment? External or internal? One should know the fact that our body is made up by large numbers of cells. They are not dead material. They are live material. They suffer due to our selfish attitude towards life. Once the tolerance level gets crossed, they rebel against us and we call it as a disease.

The measures suggested in the said study course would support your medicine in early relief from the disease. You will experience the courage from the knowledge given during the course. (Mentally retarded person can get a free psychological Test during the study course. However, both the parents of such persons must attend the said study course.)

Duration: 2 days
Language: English
Venue: Lonavla
Donation contribution: Rs. 735/- per person.
(NOTE: The donation contribution is going to change from January 2019.)
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Redemption from Disease (English Course) - 09/02/19 Lonavla 09/02/2019 - 10/02/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart

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