Secret of Success and Skill of Successful Parenting (English Course)

Secret of Success Workshop (Age: 8 to 14)

This course is meant for children between the age-group 8 and 14 years. It guides the children on the following topics:
1. Whole Brain development techniques.

2. How to remain healthy?
3. Scientific methods for tension-free study success.

4. Techniques to enhance concentration power.

5. How to manage energy to achieve goals in life?

6. How to acquire courage, gratitude & patriotism?

7. Developing creative abilities through games, songs & drawing.

8. Self-discipline through self-reliance.

Skill of Successful Parenting (For Parents)

This course - for parents - is conducted simultaneously with the above one. Parental participation - of both, the mother and father - is highly beneficial.

As per brain science, this is the second phase of development regarding the physical, psychological and emotional capabilities in children. Here in, changes in behavior pattern are also observed. From one perspective, children feel burdened by parental expectations; on the other, they need to survive in the competition; while on third front, they need to get adjusted with the surroundings.

This course offers guidance regarding ways to understand the blooming buds, the method to bring equilibrium in their scholastic progress, behavior and health; and also the scientific and psychological remedies for various problems in this age.

Duration: 1 day
Language: English
Venue: Lonavla
Donation contribution: Rs. 315/- per child + Rs. 415/- per parent. = Rs.730/- (for 1child & 1 parent).

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English Course 2_Skills of Successful Parenting
English course 1_Secret of Success

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