Shrama-Sanskar Camp (श्रम-संस्‍कार शिबिर )

This Camp is Meant for the children of Manashakti's sadhakas and the sadhakas Only.

A golden opportunity to learn multi-skills, through the ‘art of volunteering’ (SHRAMANAND)

Shrama means physical work, while Sanskar means culturing or shaping or impacting the mind in a positive, constructive way. Shrama-Sanskar therefore means culturing the young minds through various physical & social activities, so that the children imbibe the habit of doing actual physical work for oneself as well as the society, right from the childhood.

This 7-day camp is exclusively organized for the children of Manashakti’s seekers (sadhakas) and also for the seekers.

The camp is designed to impart multiple volunteering skills, useful for their personal as well as social life.

Among the 12 virtues suggested by Manashakti to nurture children, the following five virtues will be covered in this year’s camp:

  • Gratitude
  • Good Behaviour
  • Setting long-term objectives
  • Love for Nation
  • Love for Humanity

On top of it, couple of games, contests and sport activities would be an added attraction.

Last but not the least, this would be the best opportunity for the kids and parents to contribute and enjoy shramanand i.e. selfless work for the cause of the society through the institute’s social welfare activities.

Who can participate?: Children of Manashakti’s Seekers and Seekers only
Age-group: 8 to 12 years
Location: Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla
Date: 18th to 24th May 2019
Donation contribution: Rs. 830 per child. (Rs. 1000/- per parent. The donation contribution of the parents to be paid on-the-spot.)
For more details contact: (02114) 234379, 234380; 7040379398, 9619132401


Shrama-Sanskar Shibir (श्रम-संस्‍कार शिबिर ) - 18/05/19 Lonavla- Manashakti Research Centre 18/05/2019 - 24/05/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart

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Videos to be uploaded shortly.


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