Shubha-bhavishya Jnan (Understanding Future)

Shubha-Bhavishya Dnyan means the knowledge about auspicious future.

Everyone is curious and worried to know about the events that are going to take place in his future. Everyone wants his future to be constructive. We easily turn to palm reading, horoscope and refer an astrologer. The future doesn’t rely only upon the time of birth or the lines on the palm. Then what does it rely upon? The science doesn’t underestimate prediction.

You will get acquainted with a micro analysis, a new perspective to understand your future in this course. The main principle is that you can shape your own future with proper efforts.

Duration: 3 days
Language: Marathi
Venue: (Lonavla)
Donation contribution: Rs. 1350/- per person

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Videos to be uploaded shortly.


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