Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla

Swami Vijnananand, the founder of Manashakti Research Centre, propounded the rational New Way Philosophy. All the activities of Manashakti are based on it. The philosophy is established with the principle aim of reducing the grief and retaining the happiness. New Way activities combine knowledge, Karma and devotion in order to achieve this objective. This work is carried out through around fifty local centres and thousands of seekers (sadhakas) of New Way.

Every individual has a wish to live a stress-free life. The stress begins from his concern for his child’s future. That is the reason why the experiments at New Way begin from the Pre-Natal stage. In order to create a virtuous generation, we need to start from the early stage. New Way has provided experiments and remedies at every stage of life.

New Way research is based on 28 streams of science including Newtonian Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, EPR Paradox, Biology, Psychology, Para-Psychology, Physics, Educational Sciences, Logic, Mathematics etc. Materialistic and spiritual philosophies were also studied.

These experiments were supported by first class engineers, doctors, educational experts and thinkers. Experts at various well known institutes of those era like Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Deccan College, Indian Institute of Science and Vijnan-Vardhini and also from US and Russia were consulted during the research phase. You would be able to understand this project beneficial for your life, through knowledge, karma or devotion.


Three-day long study courses on 28 topics free of cost. Minimal charges for staying, food and snacks. (Special camps for parents and children during vacations).
Facility of conducting computer based machine tests through 60 electronic machines for helping the students to have stress-free success and industrious people to have stress free life. Swamiji’s literature including more than 250 books based on his research.


Vow of devoting at least an hour of day to undertake selfless cause benefiting society.


Scientific approach and activities in order to gain power from the deity. New Way believes that it is important to understand the meaning of life with help of science and one should believe in deities after gaining complete knowledge. The New Way philosophy says the devotion of knowledge itself is devotional knowledge and karma.

A variety of social activities of Manashakti Research centre are conducted within Maharashtra and outside as well. They include courses for imbibing good values, camps for students to help them in achieving success, Jnana-Prakash Yatra and the course for elder in order to have stress free success. During April 2009 to March 2010, many people took advantage of these social activities conducted free of cost

Jnana Prakash Yatra – 67,161 students, parents-teachers-adults 34,126
Stress Free Course-series – 13,101 Students, parents-teachers 3,789
The centre carries out the activities with help of volunteers without seeking government grants and donations.


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