Kits Kits

Manashakti has over 250 publications. The topics covered range from Pre-natal Sanskar Education up to Life after Death. There are also books and series of books written on a specific subject. Manashakti novel kits have been prepared to make the knowledge available to the intellectuals and inquisitive readers at one place.

Cassettes CDs

Manashakti has come up with some special CDs and Cassettes for the babies in the womb, children, parents, adults and senior citizens. The topics include Garbh Sanskar, moral stories, prayer, meditation, yog, study methods based on music, Ramayan and Manashakti Research Centre documentary.

Experimental Products.jpg Experimental Product

Innovative, interesting yet scientific experiments to strengthen and pacify the mind are carried out at Manashakti. To be able to do these experiments at home, Manasahkti has designed some unique aids. They are useful for enhancing concentration and efficiency, holistic development of the brain, prenatal education, disease cure, Vaastu-shuddhi and boosting agricultural yield.

Ayurvedic Products SWANAND Ayurvedic Products

Ayurvedic medicines are manufactured by Manashakti’s Health New Way, a registered charitable trust. The mediciness are manufactured as per the license issued by the Food and Drugs Administration, Pune. These medicines give strength to the brain and body; preserve the health of hairs - skin - teeth - mouth etc.; help to maintain healthy gastro-intestinal track and for first-aid too. The medicines also enhance intelligence, stamina, vigor and reduce acidity.

Ruchi Prayog, Lonavla RUCHI Prayog

Near the entrance of the Research Centre, you will find a novel ‘Ruchi-Prayog’ - where eatables are available. The mouth watering dishes are well- known all over the Maharashtra! But mind you, this not a restaurant, but a section wherein food experiments are undertaken! This section is meant for the visitors of the Research Centre, as also for those who come to the Centre for various activities. The concept behind this Ruchi Prayog is to let every one find out the right food for himself, and thus aim at improving the health of an individual and the society.


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