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Lonavla...! Hill Station…! Surrounded by beautiful hills and breath-taking valleys! An ideal place for touring in all seasons! But while enjoying the awesome beauty of Nature, what if all young and old get to know the secrets of happy, contented life…! A real golden opportunity!! For it -

Plan a Educational trip / Study tour / General visit to the world-fame
Manashakti Research Centre, Lonavla

situated in the laps of natural beauty!

Here you will be able to see…

1. An exclusive Exhibition Centre giving information on -

a. Development of the Child in the Womb
b. Trouble-shooting Remedies on Problems of Child
c. Goal-setting & Achievements in Life for Youths
d. Liberation from Disease
e. Life after Death
f. Freedom from Jealousy Hazards
g. Techniques to achieve Mind-power & Peace of Mind

2. Over 250 books for all age-groups

3. Machine Tests, providing remedial measures to life

4. Caves Meditaton

5. Shakti - Shanti Sthal

6. Solar Energy Project

7. Wind Mill Project

8. Cowpens & Vermi Compost Project

9. Offset Printing Press

The following Groups can participate in this study tour -
* School / College Students
* Teachers / Professors / Principals
* Women Forums
* Employees of Educational / Social / Govt. / All types of Organizations
* Police
* Various Clubs
* Senior Citizens etc.

Tour Timings : 9 am to 12 noon and 3 pm to 6 pm; No holidays
To book a trip, email :

Important Instructions
• Prior booking for trip mandatory.
• Free-of-cost entry, information, guidance
• All kinds of addictions, non-veg food strictly prohibited in the centre's premises.
• Observation of peace and discipline within premises, compulsory.
• Right to any change without prior notice is reserved.

Enjoy, Experience, & Share - the Knowledge of Life, at Manashakti!!


The schedule for next 3 months only is shown here. For yearly schedule kindly see Events Calender. OR contact Main Centre OR Local Centre.

Educational Trip
Educational Trip
Educational Trip
Educational Trip
Educational Trip
Educational Trip
Educational Trip

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