Shatavari Kalpa (250 gms)

Shatavari Kalpa (250 gms)

Shatavari Kalpa (250 gms) (available in India only
Donation Contribution:- Rs. 160/- Courier charges extra

The medicinal plant Shatavari helps boost brain power as well as physical stamina; has anti-bilious properties; while it also helps for lactation in just-delivered mothers. Shatavari is well known for increasing mind’s strength. It is extremely useful when taken with other medicines for acidity. Its uses are -

a) For students:- Shatavari, when taken alongwith Buddhivardhan Yoga, proves highly effective for forgetful, irritative & lanky children. It is recommended for irritating, thin-framed children and those who easily forget what they have studied.

b) For pregnant women:- To lessen vomiting - giddiness - queasiness - & tiredness, as also for better health of fetus in the womb, Shatavari is very useful. Even after child’s birth, if the mother continues drinking Shatavari, it helps the mother to give ample milk to the infant.

c) For elders:- For various bile problems - like burning sensation or a feeling of heaviness in stomach, palpitation of heart - Shatavari is a highly effective remedy.


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