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31st December_2016

Constructive 31st December - Cultural, Youth Event!
Bidding adieu to the current year & welcoming New Year, this mega-event inspires constructive thoughts & channelizes YOUTH-POWER in creative ways, through entertainment & knowledge!! A grand

  • Game Show
  • Gala Dinner
  • Stage Show
  • Visual messages from Eminent Personalities

This is the 13th year of this mega-event. This year's theme is
Every year, many boys and girls come to this program so as to celebrate 31st December at Manashakti. Not only do they enjoy the event, but their thoughts also get a new direction. This program is organized by the youth, for the youth – and on this occasion, inspirational messages given by many honourable members of society are broadcasted. This year, we have taken the messages of renowned personalities like Mr. Sunil Barve (actor), Mr. Mahesh Kale (singer), Smt. Shobha Bhagwat (writer) etc.. Their video clips will be shown in the program.

In this stage show, dramas and dances which attempt to give a heart-touching message about events happening in the lives of youth are enacted. At 12 o’clock in the night, the New Year will be welcomed with enthusiasm. This year, it is likely that around 800 young boys and girls will take part in the event. Prior registration is a must for attending this event.

Manashakti cordially invites you for 31 December 2016

An honest enterprise to make your day enlightening and equally entertaining,
A grand prorgramme by youth and for youth!
A MEGA EVENT reviving the SPIRIT of HUMANITY & BONDING within us!!
Presented by Youth Sadhakas of Manashakti Yuva Spandan

  • Age-group: 15 to 28 years (Registration Necessary.)
  • Duration : 6 pm - 12.30 pm (Participants to reach venue by 5.30pm)
  • Donation contribution: Rs. 315/- per person (see schedule)To book,click below on "Register Here" .
  • Post-event, separate lodging for boys & girls, till next morning.

For online booking click here.


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