Manashakti to conduct programs in USA in Nov.-Dec. 17

Mr. Kelkar (extreme left) conducting a computerized Test in USA in previous visit
Mrs. Kelkar conducting a Lecture session in USA in previous visit

Mr. Gajanan Kelkar (M.Tech.), Trustee and Research Director (Manashakti Research Centre) and Mrs. Pradnya Kelkar (Head, Machine Tests) - both senior Life devotees of Manashakti - would be visiting USA for a conference between November 14th and December 17th this year 2017.

During their stay in the USA, Mr. and Mrs. Kelkar will be conducting several workshops and Mind-Body Tests for tension free success and peace of mind. To enroll, the contact details are given below.

I) 1-day Workshops:

In India, one day workshops are quite popular. Normally it is a 7 hour program that includes tea/coffee and lunch. However in USA, a workshop of the duration @4 to 5 hours will be conducted. The language of instruction will be English, Hindi or Marathi or mixed one, depending on the need of the audience.

Following Workshops can be organized:
1. Super Procreation (सुप्रजनन)
2. Prenatal Education and Stimulation (गर्भसंस्कार)
3. Managing Stress (ताण नियोजन)
4. Meditation / Introduction of Manashakti (ध्यान / मनशक्ती प्रयोगकेंद्राची ओळख)
Details of all workshops are given below.

The organizers need to arrange for-
1. Community hall / Basement hall, depending on the audience.
2. Screen and projector.
3. Tea/coffee and snacks in the interval.
4. The workshops will have fees for logistics of the order of $ 60 per couple. For single participant it will be $ 35.

II) Computerized, Personalized Mind-Body Tests

The object of tests is to assess the mind energy and to balance it. The tests will be conducted for all the age-groups. The tests are non-invasive and do not inject or extract anything. The machines would indicate change in body parameters like pulse rate, breathe rate, temperature etc. All the tests will be conducted individually i.e. one to one basis. The test language can be English, Hindi or Marathi.

A few tests to name are as follows:
1. Janma Poorva Sanskar Prayog (Garbha Sanskar)
2. Child Sanskar Test
3. ADHD Diagnostic Test (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)
4. Depression, Anxiety, Stress (DAS) Test
5. Success – Failure Test etc.
Please see below for details of all the tests.

A typical Machine Test session would consist of-

  • Taking readings with machines.
  • Analysis of the readings and problem.
  • Counseling, including remedies.

The total procedure would take minimum 1.5 hours / test. After analyzing the test results, a report will be given and counseling session with the participant and with parents, if needed. The tests would cost $ 50.

Now you have a rare opportunity to participate in Manashakti’s unique programs for tension free success and peace of mind, near to your place in America.

Contact Details for Manashakti Programs

No Date From Date To Location Contact Cell no
1 11/14/17 11/18/17 Boston Manoj 617.794.2451
Sampada 716.435.8898
2 11/19/17 11/23/17 Washington DC Yogesh
Swapnil 617.794.6764
3 11/24/17 11/28/17 Kansas Anagha 620.249.0363
4 11/28/17 12/29/17 Los Angeles Sandeep 562.308.8343
5 12/3/17 12/7/17 Dallas Pranita 469.586.7486
Anant 214.537.1529
6 12/8/17 12/17/17 SanFrancisco Narendra 510.673.2130

For any clarity please contact on +91 9822404702 or email to

Following is the List of Programs we propose to conduct. You may choose accordingly and start to enroll at the location near to you.

(I) Workshops (कार्यशाळा):

1. Pre natal Education and Stimulation (गर्भसंस्कार):

This is basically designed for pregnant couples. Pregnancy could be of any month, preferably earlier the better. The workshop will be interactive with audio/video presentations and settling their queries. Following topics will be explained in details.

  • The theoretical concept of pregnancy in the light of Spirituality and Modern research.
  • Developmental stages of the fetus and physiology (Video and animation).
  • The emotional / Temperamental aspects that promote healthy growth of the baby.
  • The effect of music on brain development. Scientifically designed “Music for unborn” 3 audio cds for each trimester includes Gayatri mantra, Garbhopanishad, Indian classical music of appropriate raga and pure tones.
  • Pregnancy diet / exercise / yoga during pregnancy
  • Meditation, Concentration.
  • Science of prayer for the fetus and Pulse test of the parents.

2. Super procreation (सुप्रजनन):

This is designed for following audiences

  • Newly married couples
  • Couples aspiring for babies
  • Couples having problem(s) with fertility

The workshop will be interactive with audio/video presentations and settling their queries. Following topics will be explained in details.

  • “The psyche-logical model of conception”, explaining the theoretical and spiritual concept of “Conception”.
  • A questionnaire based “Depression, Anxiety and Stress Test” (DAS) for couples with reports indicating levels of each temperament and remedies.
  • Mechanism of Stress and ways to reduce it.
  • Guidance to modify “Severely vigilant Life style” and approach towards life to reduce stressors.

3. Managing Stress (ताण नियोजन):

This is designed for following audiences.

  • Age group 18 and above, all adults wanting to be relieved from stress.
  • Couples having problems in fertility because of stress.
  • People aspiring for “Peace of Mind”

The workshop will be interactive with audio/video presentations and settling their queries. Following topics will be explained in details.

  • Theoretical concept and basic causes of stress.
  • A questionnaire based “Depression, Anxiety and Stress Test” (DAS) for couples with reports indicating levels of each temperament and remedies.
  • Demo with instruments “How thought affect our body”
  • Remedies to reduce tensions.

4. Meditation / Introduction of Manashakti (ध्यान / मनशक्ती प्रयोगकेंद्राची ओळ):

Anybody who is interested in meditation / Concentration is welcomed.
This will be a free session of about 2 hrs for interested audience.
We shall teach following methods of concentration.

  • Breathe well. (Deep abdominal breathing practice while listening to Gayatri Mantra)
  • Dialogue with the Body. (A unique method of Shat-Chakra Meditation)

(II) Computerized Personalized Machine Tests (वैयक्तिक चाचण्या):

1. Janma Poorva Sanskar Prayog (Garbha Sanskar):

This test is conducted for pregnant couples. The pregnant couple should be of any month of pregnancy. During the test, the couple is guided through various mental states of mind e.g. thoughts about their baby, their future plans about baby, their own emotional statues etc. During the test, a prayer / blessing by Swami Vijnananand are directed towards the baby in the womb. In all these process, the pulse rates of the parents are recorded and remedies are given.

2. Post Birth Sanskar Test (For parents of babies 3 months to 2 years):

This test is basically a personality test for the parents of the kids. This is because the vices in the parents are picked up first by the baby. Hence parents are given guidance to impart sanskars.

3. Child Sanskar Test (For Age group 2 to 7 years):

4. Bio Thermal Test ( 8 to 21 years):

Bio Thermal test includes “Child Sanskar test”. When child starts thinking about his
difficult subject or any difficulty, the appropriate area in the brain gets activated and
results in rise in temperature at that point. This test measures the temperatures on the
scalp at various points. The higher temperature point indicates the problem point and
based on the location various remedies can be suggested.

5. ADHD Diagnostic Test (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

6. ADHD treatment Therapy (Flashing Pyramid)

7. Neuro Cognitive Tests (NCT) - Age 8 to 80 years:

As the name suggests, this test (NCT) measures neurological functions and cognitive functions. This is achieved by battery of computerized tests. Various tests are as follows.
1. Verbal Memory
2. Visual Memory
3. Psychomotor speed
4. Cognitive flexibility
5. Processing speed
6. Motor Speed
7. Executive functions.
At the end of all tests, a report is generated indicating the status of the participant as compared with standard values. Remedial guidance is given to improve weak areas.

8. Aptitude test (8 to 30 years):

This test is suitable in situations when you want to decide and select proper option out of various choices. This could be anything like deciding area for further studies, deciding about future plans etc etc.

9. Personality test:

This test is for age group 18 and above. The personality is classified in basic temperaments e.g. Fear, Rage, Courage and Balance. The pulse rate measurement while listening to different emotions will reveal the problematic temperament. A remedial guidance will be given after analysis.

10. DAS: Depression, Anxiety, Stress Test:

This is a questionnaire based test. As the name suggests test gives levels of Depression, Anxiety and Stress. They are indicated between “Normal” to “Extremely Severe” levels.

11. Computerized color Test (Age 18 and above):

This is one of the most important tests for personality assessment.
The test is especially useful for introvert, shy natured people.
The test is conducted by displaying eight different colors on a computer screen and participant selects colors one after another. At the end of selecting 8th color i.e. last color, personality is printed on the printer. The test is based on the research by German scientist Dr Luscher and well known as Luscher Color Test.

12. Pre marriage and Post marriage adjustment test:

Temperamental adjustment is needed essentially before marriage and many a times after marriage too. This test is just for those couples.

13. Energy Quanta Test:

This test is specifically meant for couples, who are facing problems in conceiving. For example, some couples are unable to conceive even though both husband-wives are mentally and physically fit; nor do they have any family history of non-conceivement. Now-a-days this situation is growing at an alarming rate. Among several reasons lifestyle changes and 'stress' has turned out to be a major factor in affecting the fertility process. In this test, the effects of emotions on the body are recorded, in the form of pulse rate. Our hyper-vigilant lifestyle is severely impacts the health of our body.

14. Success – Failure Test:

Everybody is anxious whether he will get success in his endeavor or not. This test is sort of predictive test based on his inner energy and intuitions. In case of negative indications, remedies are suggested for success.


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