The Principle of Becoming ‘Shiva’

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Swamiji’s message to sadhkas at the instance of Maha-Shivaratri festival

Shiva means good. I will lay down my life for a good cause.

One who throws a stone at another is sure to meet the same fate, and one who strives to offer flowers to another is sure to receive shower of flowers. You will get back what you do for others. It is that simple. As you sow, so will you reap. This is the Law of Nature. Sow benevolence, and benevolence will grow up. Why is it not growing up now? The only reason is that not enough benevolence has been sown.

Some people ask: How much is six-and-a quarter percent? Some understate their true income. Some ask: Do we have to include our provident fund also while calculating our contribution? Do we have to include the house rent we receive, the income of coconuts in konkan? What is to be done? I tell them that I am not their income-tax officer. But remember, though not me, there is someone. He is sitting in your head, in your brain. In your brain there is Chitragupta-God’s account keeper; a secret picture has clicked about whether you are- truthful or lying!

Discard narrow-mindedness. You are Shiva, you are Parvati. You won’t find divisions, separations anywhere. Make good intentions your motive. If you strive to carry out Shiva’s work, the God will also strive to meet you. Shiva and Parvati do not wish to keep you away. They love you. They say, ‘we are doing good, benevolent work; we are struggling to make the world happy. Please do join us! We all together will do this good work. Then Shiva and you have become one’.

Good work means helping others, making sacrifices, in a well-organized way. Good work is to strive for others. That is exactly what Shiva is doing. If you want to be Shiva’s devotee-bhakt- you must do similar good work. Once you do that, you have experienced amritanubhav-God’s grace described by Dnyaneshwar; you have become one with Shiva.

- Swami Vijnananand (From Amritanubhav)


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