Sanskar Vijnan mega-project

Sanskar Vidnyan Bhumipujan -1
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Sanskar Vidnyan Bhumipujan -3
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For past 50+ years, Manashakti has been striving for developing a multi-faceted and cultured new generation, in several ways and means. To give a long-lasting form to this invaluable process, Manashakti has resolved to build a mega-project by the name ‘Sanskar Vijnan Sankul’ (Sankul = grand projection). This Sankul will be built at the scenic Manashanti Ashram premises of Manashakti near to old Mumbai Pune highway. The Bhoomi-poojan of this project took place on 21 Feb. 17 at the auspicious hands of Mr. & Mrs. Veswikar, senior life-devotees of Manashakti. On this occasion, a collective prayer for social welfare was also recited by Manashakti’s life-devotees, sadhakas and all concerned members of the project.

Considering the need of the hour, samskaras – or in other words ‘value education’ needs be presented in a logical though creative way to modern day kids, children, youth as well as adults too. Ultimately, our life truly blooms and flourishes only through values, while science adds the dimension of logic and rationalism to it. Therefore, Manashakti has decided to build this Sanskar Vijnan Sankul combining the best of values and science.

Creating the best of the highly cultured environment is one of the main objectives of this project. This Sankul will encompass a plan for the holistic development of the Mind – Brain - and Body. It will pave the way for the development of well cultured, virtuous and multi-talented new generation striving for national welfare as well as humanity, along with individual progress!


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