'Self-awareness' for personality development

Personality workshop - Pimpri - Inauguration - 2
Personality workshop - Pimpri - Participants - 1

"Being aware of one's own inner self is the first step toward personality development. Mind is the source of energy. It is a form of energy. It does not occupy space. Hence it cannot be seen. Whereas our body is matter and hence it is a medium of the mind to fulfil its desires." These were the remarks by Mayur Chandane, life devotee of Manashakti. He was speaking on the topic of 'Personality Development: A Scientific Perspective' in the 1-day Personality Development Workshop conducted by Manashakti and jointly hosted by Vidyarthi Kalyan Mandal of of Prof. Ramkrishna More College and Manashakti at the college premises. Noted actor Dr. Sanjeevkumar Patil, Manashakti's life-devotee Suraj Karande and college Principal Dr. Nitin Ghorpade were present on this occasion.

Conducting the second session on 'Secret of Study Success', Mayur said that concentration and practice is required for any kind of success. He suggested to utilize Manashakti's various study aids along with reflection, note taking and discussing with others.

Suraj took the unique Stroboscope Test for all participants in the third session. Stroboscope is an equipment to measure the motion of any object. It can be put to use to influence our brain waves via flickering light of specific color. Concentration leads to saving of mind energy and many other benefits. Hence achieving concentration power is very important.


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