While facing the exams…

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Programme conducted by Manashakti for 10th & 12th std. students from Solapur city

With the expert help of Manashakti Research Centre, the Lions’ Club midtown Solapur and Solapur Municipal Corporation jointly conducted a programme to guide students of 10th and 12th std. on the topic of ‘While facing the exams…’ on Saturday, 9th February, from 5.30 to 7.30 in the evening. It was attended by about 400 students and parents. Shri. Suhas Gudhate, life-devotee, took the session on behalf of Manashakti. Lions’ regional official Shri. Vasudeo Kalgatgi, Kolhapur was present. This programme was highly effective.

In a very simple language, the Manashakti representatives gave guidance on-

  • How best to study in the remaining time
  • Techniques of focusing attention
  • Brain exercises
  • How to behave
  • How to memorize the matter studied and so on.

Advising parents to be supportive for success in the examination, but not to insist on it, they gave useful replies to queries raised by parents.

On the whole, this programme was helpful for increasing confidence and peace of mind of students and parents, and prevents despair and depression. It was well received by the audience.


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