Mahalay Shraddha Pooja

(A regimen of expressing gratitude towards one’s demised relatives and friends.)

This rational Mahalay Shraddh Prayog which is organized once a year at Lonavla, is getting immensely popular day by day. Manashakti seekers and outsiders too participate in this activity, and go back to their place, with their minds full of satisfaction. This year in all, 840 Shraddha poojas were conducted in three sessions.

Shraddh means that, which is done with shraddh—reverence or veneration. Changes have taken place in Shraddha which used to done as per tradition, and the present Shraddha rituals. Hence it is imperative to understand the basic meaning of Shraddha. Our ancestors, while in their body, earn prosperity for us, but they miss to do planned sacrifice for the betterment of the society. Hence, Shraddh is nothing but remembering your ancestors with gratitude and doing some planned sacrifice for the society.

1. During the passage of time, changes may take place in the Shraddh rituals.

2. Various alternative of Shraddh may be available. For example, using uncooked rice and corn in place of cooked food; donating money ( Pindadaan may not be necessary); reading only of Shraddha Vidhi; crying only. The conclusion is - some token sacrifice in the name of ancestors.

3. How to find out Shraddh_kaal i.e. right time to perform Shraddh? - The answer given is - any time one feels like doing shraddh.

4. The main intention of Shraddh - "Gratitude".

5. Do the Shraddh by yourself—no proxy.

6. Shraddh is wrongly connected with death. Because, whenever anything good happens in the house, then also Nandi Shraddh, Vruddhi Shraddh is performed as a token of respect to ancestors. For wish gratification, Kamya Shraddh and Bhagya Shraddh has been suggested.

7. Final suggestions for Moksha (Liberation) - The message for the deceased is as follows: “Turn your attention from this world to your future way, because you have abandoned your mundane body and have left this world. You are transforming to Vasu, Rudra and Aditya, serially; and you have to move further on. Please get rid of your wishes and lust pertaining to this world. We are reminding you for your journey to Moksha (Liberation). Please adhere resolutely on the way to final and ultimate welfare.”

The Mahalay Shraddha Pooja is conducted free-of-cost i.e. the donation contribution of the pooja is not taken; only tea & lunch charges Rs.170/- per person are taken. It is be paid on the spot at the centre. However pre-enrolment is mandatory.


The schedule for next 3 months only is shown here. For yearly schedule kindly see Events Calender. OR contact Main Centre OR Local Centre.

महालय श्राद्धपूजा
महालय श्राद्धपूजा
महालय श्राद्धपूजा
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