Bio-Thermal Currents


Especially useful for students

‘Bio-Thermal Currents’ is a bio-neurological concept. ‘Bio’ means ‘organism’ & ‘thermal’ means ‘heat’. Overall it means, there are heat-currents in every organism.

The first evidence of electricity in organism was given by the famous scientist Luigi Galvani, in the 19th century. While experimenting on frogs, he noticed it unexpectedly! Galvani named it as ‘animal electricity’. From then till date, scientists have deeply studied electricity & heat-energy in plants, animals & ofcourse human beings. [ ‘Electricity’ & ‘heat’ energy can be converted into each other.]

Humans are ‘warm-blooded’ animals, which again proves the heat-energy they possess.

Briefly put, an individual’s basic natural energy, flows in the form of thermal-currents, in his body.

You would be surprised to know that, the temperature varies in different parts of our body! For instance, if you measure the temperature of your brain, armpit, groin & sole at the same time, you will notice, it varies. Many times, this difference is of 1 degree Celsius. Still, considering all such variations, scientists have fixed the normal temperature of the human body at 37 degrees Celsius.

Now what happens when we are in stress & emotional turmoil? This normal temperature undergoes severe change! Experience-based sayings like ‘he was all in a blaze’, ‘fume with fury’, ‘hot-headed fellow’, etc. lend credence to the fact of increased heat in our body.

So now, if we come to know this spot of temperature-rise, especially in our brain, it can immensely benefit us.

Normally, heat emanates from the brain from 6 different spots, in various degrees. 3 spots lie beyond sinciput, from left to right, & 3 ahead of it, similarly. Based on this hypothesis, Manashakti Research Centre has been successfully conducting experiments, tests for past many years.

Especially in case of students, when they study a difficult subject or rather even think of it, one of the above said spots emanates more heat. To pinpoint this spot, Manashakti has devised a characteristic ‘Bio-Thermal Apparatus’. The test conducted with this machine, is known as ‘Bio-Thermal Test’. This test proves very helpful for students, to make their difficult subject easy.

Often, parents complain that, ‘though overall our child is intelligent, he still has a difficult subject. While studying it, he gets bored, fatigued, tensed, is unable to grasp it, etc. etc.’ In such situation, this test is enormously useful. Thro’ it, the brain-part undergoing more stress while studying, is located & detailed remedies are suggested to reduce stress & achieve tension-free success!

If taken in June-July, i.e. normally when schools, colleges commence, the student gets benefitted ahead for the whole year.


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