Education through Sleep

Education through Sleep

Beneficial for students, as well as others too.

‘Sleep teaching method’ is being practised in many countries.

This method recommends the use of EEG [Electro Encephalo Graph], to identify & ascertain the most peaceful state of brain, i.e. the “reverie period”. Once this period is detected, a cassette of the study-subject or any subject to be learnt, is played to the student during the reverie period. This method, however, involves huge expenditure in lakhs of rupees per student. It is not possible for everybody to use EEG. Hence, the affordable method is suggested below.

This method, based on experience, has been endorsed by the famous scientist Thomas Budzinsky of the Bio-Feedback Institute, Denver. The half-sleep / half-awake stage before sleep, is named by this scientist as “twilight learning”.

The underlying principle behind this method is - “To intensify & confirm in the appropriate period of natural sleep the study performed during the awakened stage.”

The method: The parents are made to read to the student the difficult part of the subject during the deep-sleep period or half-sleep period. However, equally effective & self-reliant method is to study the subject on one’s own, before & after sleep.

Select any difficult subject for study [during day time].

For example, English. The subject can be classified in 3 parts -

The part you have fully understood,

The part you have partly understood,

The part you totally fail to understand [difficult].

Try to prepare notes on this last part. Find oppurtunities to discuss this part with your teacher, brighter class-mates, friends or knowledgeable persons in the subject.

Now, understand the process of confirming the topic -

Jot down the spellings of the difficult words, good ideas, good words, etc. from this part. Then, write down its summary in your own words. This exercise is to be performed in the hour before going to sleep, including the drowsy stage before sleep. Please note that, this drowsy stage is more helpful for study.

Next day, wake up at a pre-fixed time at dawn (before sunrise). Make a revision or read the portion studied during the previous night. If you have come across any new point, note down. You will slowly realise that, some of the portion has been well-absorbed by you during the ‘sleep period’.

Continue this method for memorising & confirming the topics, step-by-step. In short, recollect the previous day’s study by this method & take up new part in continuation. This method will help eliminate the strain of the long-hour study.

Keeping with the principle, follow the same method for other subjects, during the remaining part of the day.

Inform Manashakti Reseach Centre before you start studying as per this method. We will additionally help you through our ‘prayer-effect’ & ‘negative-discharge energy’ process. Concentrate on your faith-symbol before you start studying. Also, bow down before your parents, daily.


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