Psycho-Feedback Therapy

Psycho-Feedback Therapy

For Executives, Administrators and Others, "Manashakti" Research Centre offers - For the First time in India!

Psycho-Feedback Therapy is Particularly useful for:

  • Heart Attack and Heart problems
  • High Blood Pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Depression
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Phobic disorders
  • Stress, etc.

The Founder of "Manashakti" Research Centre Swami Vijnananand, put forth a unique concept called -

Hospital For Peace Of Mind

Normally, hospitals for physical diseases are seen everywhere; whereas the Hospital For Peace Of Mind is especially meant for Physical & mental disorders.

As on today, ninety percent of diseases are classified as psychosomatic diseases, which means the cause of diease lies in our mind itself!

Manashakti's "Hospital For Peace Of Mind" has made available the Psycho - Feedback Therapy. The aim of this thearapy is, to balance the mind energy and gain mental power and peace through the "feedback process". This therapy will be conducted with the help of Manashakti's unique "Psyco-Feedback Equipment". In short, psycho-feedback means recyling of one's mind-energy with psycho-feedback equipment.

Psycho-Feedback means recycling of one's mental-energy

Psycho-Feedback Therapy neither prescribes to you any new medicine, nor does it require to discontinue your regular medicines. Your mind-energy is put to use to achive relief from pain.

The Emotions and thoughts arising in your mind, after your body. For example, in anger, one's pulse-rate shoouts up and the face turns red, etc. Anger or any emotional disturbance causes major changes in our body waves like -

  • EEG [Electroencephalogram]
  • ECG [Electrocardiogram]
  • EMG [Electromyogram]
  • Skin Resistance
  • Blood Presure
  • Breath-rate, etc.

Psycho Feedback TherapyDuring anger or any other emotional disturbances, we raerly notice bodily changes as indicated above. Infact, many a times, we are not even aware of any of such changes taking place in our body. In Psycho-Feedback Therapy, an indiviual is made aware of subtle changes, through audio-visual feedback. By conscious observation of this audio-video feedback, body gets tuned to its natural rythem, automatically. Based on this feedback, specific remedies are suggested to help achieve peace of mind.

Salient Features of Psycho-Feedback Therapy

  • Observe (Your inner self. Observe brainwaves and other body waves emanting during stress.)
  • Change (Your self. Train yourself to change the pattern of thesr waves.)
  • Liberate your self! (From stress and pain)

Special Features

  • Feedback such as EEG, ECG, EMG, etc.
  • Breathing technique for relaxtion
  • Prayer for Body Cells
  • New Way Literature on Disease and Cure Mechanism
  • Music Therapy
  • Individual and Group Meditaion
  • Holistic Diet
  • Execises in surroundings close to Nature
  • High-tech Test Room at Reseach Centre

"Psycho-Feedback Therapy" is not substitute to your doctor's medcine, but it is complimentary to it.

Psycho-Feedback Therapy

Wish to get relieved from stress?
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Add "prayer" to your doctor's prescription

Manashakti's "Hospital For Peace Of Mind" has recently made available the "Psycho-Feedback Therapy" at Lonavala. The special feature include Panel of Experts associated with this therapy. The panel consist of experts from the field of Cardiology, Neurology, Psychology, Nutrition, Diabetology, General Health, etc. Their guidance can be made available. For appointment and other details, please contact: +91-2114-234320; 234321 (Mon. to Fri. - 9 am to 12 noon); or Email id:

Cure the Individual along with the disease
"Psycho-Feedback Therapy" is not substitute to your doctor's medcine, but it is complimentary to it.


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