Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi)

[Pioneers in Garbh Sanskar since 1961; Lakhs benefitted!]

Manashakti’s “Garbh Sanskar Workshop” (Prenatal Education) has turned highly popular! Commenced in Dec.2002, nearly 60,410 people have participated in 503 Workshops!It is meant for developing a multi-faceted and cultured future generation!This workshop is conducted throughout the length and breadth of Maharashtra, and to some extent in Goa, Gujarat and New Delhi.


1. Latest scientific evidences about learning, memory, etc. of the fetus
2. Multimedia : Nine Months Miracle
3. Video : Developmental Stages of the Fetus
4. Effect of Mantra and Music on the Fetus
5. Individual Pulse-rate Based Test of the Couple
6. Prenatal Education Exhibition
7. Diet, Yoga, Music, Prayer, Concentration etc.

Participants : Only pregnant couples (in all months of pregnancy).
Language : Marathi
Duration : Aprox. 8 hours
Donation Contribution: Rs.1250/- per couple (same for 1 person)

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    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 19/05/19 Lonavla- Manashanti Kendra, Old Mumbai Pune Highway, Near Bagway's Malvani Shiv-leela Dhaba. 19/05/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart
    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 02/06/19 Nashik : Rotary Club Sabhagruha, Ganjmal. 02/06/2019 Open Mrs. Deshmukh -9403117412 , Mr. Vaidya -9423924215 Add to Cart
    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 09/06/19 Thane : Saraswati Krida Sankul, Opp. Malhar Taulkies, Naupada. 09/06/2019 Open Mr.Paradkar- 9769855526, Mr.Joshi- 9867071011 Add to Cart
    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 30/06/19 Pune - MES Auditorium, Bal Shikshan Sanstha, Mayur Colony, Opp. P Jog School, Kothrud. 30/06/2019 Open Office -(020) 24477979,(020) 24430192 Add to Cart
    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 07/07/19 Kalyan 07/07/2019 Open Mr. Ahirrao- 9820307743, Mr. Basarkot-9960999432 Add to Cart
    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 11/07/19 Chakan 11/07/2019 Open Sandhan Sir-8805262690, Ajit- 9011257979 Add to Cart
    Garbh Sanskar Workshop for couple (Marathi) - 21/07/19 Lonavla 21/07/2019 Open Office- (02114) 234379, 234380 Add to Cart

    After the session, I am very clear that there is lot that I can / should do for my baby before birth. I appreciate the ideologies, thoughts and scientific results put forth by you.

    Mr. Niraj Lahoti, B.E., M.B.A.

    It was a fairly good and comprehensive program for all expectant parents to know about the changes which take place during pregnancy and also to uplift and develop the child before birth!

    Mr. Anil Gaikwad, Businessman

    This is one of the most exicting experiences of my life! The programme, if implemented by mothers religiously, will make their kids ready to face any challenge and come out winners! Your centre is actually doing a job of nation-building as our nation is nothing but our kids of tomorrow.

    Mr. Prashant Sawant, B.E.

    I feel happy that I have got a chance and proper direction through which I could develop my baby within me. It is really very informative and helpful. And I think this process should be carried out all over the country to have better citizens for our country. Overall , the whole sitting was excellent!

    Mrs. Deepa D. Desai, B.Sc., B.Ed.
    गर्भसंस्कार कार्यशाळा
    गर्भसंस्कार कार्यशाळा

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