Mendu-Kranti Workshop (Brain Revolution)

Mendu-kranti means brain revolution.

This workshop is specially designed for the parents having children in the age group of 1 to 7 years. This workshop helps you to develop a sharp intellect and a virtuous character in your child.

Features :

1. Guidance about how to establish balance in your child’s temperament, behaviour, personality

2. How to improve various capabilities and

3. For the kids overall development.

Participants : Parents having children between 1 & 7 years
Language : Marathi
Duration : 7 Hours
Donation Contribution: Rs. 625/- per person


Mendu-Kranti Workshop (Brain Revolution) - 30/06/19 Pimpri 30/06/2019 Open Mr. Chandane- 9028097808, Mr Patil- 9822028543 Add to Cart
Mendu-Kranti Workshop (Brain Revolution) - 14/07/19 Dombivali 14/07/2019 Open Office - 8691963999, Mr. Prakash Mahajan - 9833120109 Add to Cart

Dear Sir, I have attended your "Mendu-Kranti" workshop in New Millennium School, Pimple Gurav, Pune. It was very good workshop on child development in early ages. I would like to attend three days' workshop in Lonavla.

Nitin Chandan, Pimple Gurav, Pune

"By participating in this workshop many problems of children are solved. Got convinced about the importance of parenthood. Realised the importance of being a parent. I hope that this programme has contributed to make my child a prudent citizen." - Mrs. Vanita Santosh Jagtap ( 10-4-2011, Pune)

"I got lot of information in this workshop. How to deal with the children; how to talk with them - was understood in this session. Got information about how to increase their concentration power & how should parents behave with their children. We shall utilize the knowledge gained in this workshop and try to attend the three day study course at the main centre." - Mrs. Vaibhavi Atul Mhamane (30-7-2011, Pune)

मेंदूक्रांती कार्यशाळा
मेंदूक्रांती कार्यशाळा
मेंदूक्रांती कार्यशाळा
मेंदूक्रांती कार्यशाळा

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