Crest of Success

Crest of Success

Crest of Success
Author :- Swami Vijnananand
Language:- English
Pages:- 176
Donation Contribution:- Rs.130/-

Based on neurology, physiology, psychology, logic, etc. sciences

This book mainly consists of 3 parts:-

Part 1:- Triangle Concentration Method, 4 point Success-Chart, Memory Development Method, Blessings-energy, benefits of ‘Machine Tests’ by the Research Centre, 12 benefits to parents, etc.

Part 2:- Gives systematic plan of study-preparation, from 390 days prior to exam upto the moment of exam. It includes novel Determination-planting Ceremony, 11 hints while studying, 16 Brain Exercises, Education through sleep - Indian Method, Summary method, Process of recieving distant-energy, Diet, etc.

Part 3:- Gives a unique co-ordination between medicines, especially those suggested by ‘Manashakti’

In brief, this treatise is useful to students for study-purpose, and also for personality development, career building, & developing a rational attitude for a Tension-free & Successful Life too!

Specially useful for students, teenagers, youths, teachers, professors, parents

This treatise helps to enhance:-

1. Concentration

2. Memory

3. Grasping Power

4. Confidence

5. Courage

6. Health &

7. Tension-free Success!


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