Garbh Samarthya (Fetal Potential) Course

I had attended the 3 days Garbh Samarthya course in the month of March 2012 and that time I was 8 months pregnant. The experience was so nice, I felt the immediate difference at the same time. And we are trying to follow most of the things suggested there, and really we are getting good response from our child. Below are some good things which i would like to highlight:

  • While pregnant, as suggested, we use to talk to the child. We, husband and wife, both use to express our love towards him by telling him all the good good things what happened, and tell him how to behave in a good way when u enter the world .
  • And also, we use to tell him that u will have to come at the particular date so that all the development in your mother's womb would be done nicely. We use to count him the days every day, he needs to be in mothers womb.
  • We use to explain him everyday (by touch sense, by showing which way to get out from), how to get out of the mother's womb in a normal way and how is it beneficial to mother and him, both .
  • Listen to the Sayam Sanskar CD in morning and evening.
  • And with all the above activities, I had a normal delivery with no complications and below are some benefits out of what your instructions I followed when I was pregnant :

a) We hardly get to listen my baby crying . I see him always happy touch wood :)
b) And whenever he cries for whatever reason, we make him listen the Sayam Samskar music which makes him calm within some seconds, and its true.
c) Now after 6 months, when I am introducing outside food to him, I make him listen Sayam Sanskar music after which i hardly have to put efforts to feed him .

There are really many other instances where we followed you, and we are benefited in many other ways.

Thanks to Manashakti!...... We will soon visit you with our child.

Shreya Shirish Pednekar, , Pune


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