Education-Sanskar Project for Rural Students

This summer study-camp for 10th std. students, started about 25 years back. Revered Swamiji’s inspiration is behind this project. The seminar has turned out to be of immense use for thousands of students, and has continued to be beneficial today to students from rural areas. Because, besides study guidance, students are trained for personality development and health too.

SSC exams are turning points in a student's life. Subjects like English, Math and Science are taught in English and Semi English medium. Experienced teachers are enlisted for this. For tension free success, study methods designed by Manashakti are taught, and students are asked to practice and acquire proficiency in this study technique. As a result, students excel in their studies!

Along with studies the folowing topics are also discussed and guidance offered.
* How to preserve health along with success in studies?
* How should one choose the branch of further education after 10th exam?
* Should one opt for job or a business?
* Why should we pay respect to our elders?
* How yogic postures and Pranayam help in studies?
* How to reduce vices and how to increase virtues?
This results in a positive change in the students.

The students are taken to the main Lonavla centre for a 3 day study course, to which all the students look forward to eagerly.

Eligibility: For 10th Std. students
Duration: 15th April to 24 th May, every year
Donation Contribution: Rs. 8,000/- per student (Donation contribution subject to change)
For Contact: Manashakti Chakan Centre : 02135 - 278801; 9850547979, 9am - 6pm

Special Note: A study-camp for 8th and 9th std. students has also been started from 2011.
Duration: 26 May - 5 June
Donation Contribution: Rs. 2000/- (Donation contribution subject to change)
Guidance is given to these students as per the book Crest of Success written by revered Swamiji. A good response has been received for this seminar too.


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