Gayatri Mantra inspired Agricultural Experiments for Farmers

The basic concept behind these experiments is: “Similar to living organisms, plants also have the power of comprehension. If good values and intents are communicated to the plants, they will be more efficient, they will utilize the soil nutrients and manure in a better way, thus producing a higher yield.”

Under the guidance of Swami Vijnananand, this experiment was first carried out at Chakan on 14th Nov, 1976, with the cooperation of RCF, Trombay. In the field wherein prayer was recited, an additional of 670 kilos of Kalyan Sona wheat crop was obtained. The news has appeared in Trombay newsletter, July 1977 issue, under the caption “Can the yield increase due to prayer?’. The experiment performed in 1998 is given below.

Enhanced yield of Ground Nut due to Gayatri Mantra Sanskar

“Agriculture based Yajna for Everyone's Welfare” was accomplished at Chakan in January 1998. As a part activity of the above Yajna, an experiment of “farming with prayer” was being carried out by some farmers in the fields around Chakan. One amongst them was Shri. Vishwasrao Butte-patil who had planted ground nuts in his field. Some ‘prayer recited’ nuts were kept aside and were used for planting after ‘Gayatri Mantra Sanskar’. In this way Shri Butte-patil harvested three yields of ground nuts. Some nuts from this batch was planted on a small farm of Trimurti Seva Mandir, Chakan. A brief report of this is given below:

1.74 kilos of Gayatri Mantra inspired nuts were used for planting in 1.69 acres of land, as a token. The development was good. There was water paucity due to delayed rains. A news about incidence and spread of leaf-eating larvae in the fields appeared in ‘Loksatta’ 19th Sept.1999. One feed of organic manure ‘Parasmani’ was given. To destroy the larvae, the field was sprayed with a liquid preparation of Neem leaves. No chemical manure or insecticide was used. The yield became ready after three months, on 15th Sept. 1999. A total of 125 kilos of nuts was obtained from 1.75 kilo seeds, in land measuring1.69 acres. The effect of Gayatri Mantra and prayer was predominantly felt.


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