Manashakti Nursery for kids

Manashakti Research Centre is putting-in planned efforts with an objective of bringing-up a new lustrous generation, enriched with good values (sanskars).

A novel outcome of this activity is Nursery i.e. a centre for imparting good values to the children. But in this nursery, kids are not only given stereotyped education. Education and values are taught in creative ways, with respect to the developmental stages of their brain. The children are taught songs, stories, prayer, shlokas etc. They are also taught to give respect to parents and teachers.

If the efforts of the parents are channelised properly, the personality of the children will bloom! Parents are guided in this regard for maintaining a healthy and cordial atmosphere in the home. Tests based on the research of Manashakti are conducted on the children, and counseling sessions are arranged for the children and parents. This results in an all-round personality development of the children, a positive change in their behavior and the home atmosphere. The outlook of parents towards their children undergoes a sea change.

The teachers who participate in this program do their work in a selfless way as a service to the society. The relation between the teachers and the children is frank but respectful!

Age-group : 2.5 to 3.5 years
Duration : 12th June to 5th April (every year).
Annual Donation Contribution : Rs 5100/- per kid (Donation contribution subject to change)
For details Contact : Manashakti Chakan Centre : 02135 - 278801; 9850547979, 9am - 6pm


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