Swanand Ayurvedic Medicinal Products

At Chakan, a set of health products based on traditional and ancient are manually prepared. This activity is conducted by another associate trust, The Adivasi Kalyan Upakram. All the earnings from these products go to the upliftment of tribals of India. All the products are prepared manually, under the guidance of Ayurvedic experts, with the help of tribals (Adivasis) around Chakan region. This is also considered as prime part of mission to bring the tribals into the social mainstream.

Out of many service activities implemented by Manashakti, Ayurvedic drugs are manufactured by Swanand, a separate section of ‘Health New Way’, a registered trust dealing with health. These drugs are manufactured under the guidance of Ayurved expert Dr. Shrirang Ghumatkar, a Manashakti life-devotee; on limited basis and as per the license issued by Food and Drugs Administration, Pune. For it, nearly 60 types of plants and over 5,000 saplings have been planted at Chakan centre. Based on the principle that ‘plants have emotions’, benevolent thoughts are projected on the plants, which multiplies their utility and quality, and then are utilized. [For drug details : Putrashakti Mahayojana Rasayan. (Marathi Book)]

Like all other Manashakti activities, there is no commercial aspect in this activity too. In addition to the implied loss, the work is done on a ‘no profit, no loss" basis. The work is done here on the concept propounded by Manashakti i.e. ‘one hour a day for society’. The wealth generated out of selfless work of sadhakas, is reinvested for creating medical facilities for patients and also to the adivasis and the downtrodden.


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