Day of Grateful Remembrance

Honorable Swami Vijnananand (Founder, Manashakti) took Prakash Samadhi on 18th November 1993, with a noble aim of world peace. Hence every year, "18th November" is celebrated as "Day of Grateful Remembrance" towards Swamiji, in the presence of thousands of Manashakti's Sadhakas at Lonavla.

A day long program is conducted at the main Lonavla centre and at a serene location called "Shakti-Shanti Sthal" in Manashanti Ashram premises (see Photo Gallery below). The program includes -

  • Swamiji's discourse (Taped audio lecture)
  • Collective Yajna and Havan
  • Meditation on Light-Energy
  • Visiting the Shakti-Shanti Sthal

As a mark of gratitude to Swamiji, every year, a huge Jnan Prakash Yatra is conducted, in and out of Maharashtra, either before or after 18th November. Swamiji's knowledge is propogated in the society by hundred's of Manashakti's Sadhakas, in this period. (More info in "Jnan Prakash Yatra" section.)


The schedule for next 3 months only is shown here. For yearly schedule kindly see Events Calender. OR contact Main Centre OR Local Centre.

यज्ञात समिधा हवन करताना नवागत
यज्ञात समिधा हवन करताना नवागत व साधक भगिनी
"गर्भानु भावविश्व" गुजराथी भाषांतर पुस्तक प्रकाशन
कृतज्ञता स्मरण दिनासाठी आलेले विविध केंद्रातील साधक- नवागत
कृतज्ञता स्मरण दिन
शक्ती-शांती स्थळ - जवळून
शक्ती-शांती स्थळ - डोंगरावरुन

Videos to be uploaded shortly.


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