Honouring Charity Work

Every year, Manashakti felicitates the dignitaries serving the society in various ways.

Swami Vijnananand, the founder of Manashakti propounded the concept of "Cycle of Good Deeds", which has been kept rolling. It is the duty of everyone to sacrifice at least something for the needy and the have-nots. Drops of such selfless service, creates oceans of benevolence over a period!

Various social organizations selflessly contribute to the society. Selecting few of them every year, Manashakti publicly honours them with donations of a few lakhs of Rupees every year. So far 25 such organizations have been felicitated so far.

Taking pleases, so also the giving. Acquiring such a pleasure of giving together makes it manifold.


The schedule for next 3 months only is shown here. For yearly schedule kindly see Events Calender. OR contact Main Centre OR Local Centre.

Videos to be uploaded shortly.

Videos to be uploaded shortly.


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